Wills, Trusts & Estates

We have extensive experience drafting wills and powers of attorney documents, as well as implementing more advanced estate planning techniques. Our practice extends to assisting estate trustees with estate administration, including probate applications and estate accounts. We also represent estate trustees, beneficiaries, attorneys and guardians with respect to various forms of litigation.

Services Provided

Wills and Powers of Attorney
Complex testamentary trust drafting
Inter vivos trusts. Including: family trusts, alter ego trusts and cottage trusts
Multiple Wills and other probate tax avoidance strategies
Strategic estate planning
General estate administration guidance
Applications for certificate of appointment (probate)
Estate accounting
Passing of accounts for trustees, attorneys and guardians
Guardianship applications
Will challenges and dependent’s relief claims
Trustee, attorney and guardianship disputes
Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL) appointments
Representing estate trustees during litigation
Defending claims against estates

Our Lawyers in Wills, Trusts & Estates