About Us

Our History

From its beginnings, Agro Zaffiro has been an integral part of our community.

Agro Zaffiro LLP had its humble beginnings at the end of World War II when John Agro, then a Captain in the Canadian Army, returned to Canada and attended Osgoode Hall Law School. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1949 and set up practice in Hamilton. John Agro went on to distinguish himself as pre-eminent counsel. He established a tradition that continues at Agro Zaffiro LLP today – that a counsel should fearlessly and diligently represent his or her client and bring to such task not only one’s legal training in the law but also common sense and fairness.

John Agro and Nicholas Zaffiro, along with such pioneers as Donald Cooper, John Parente, Edward Orzel, William Hubar and Michael Baker, grew the firm from its humble beginnings into the diverse and accomplished firm that it is today. Our firm maintains a strong spirit of legal mentorship and we can boast of having mentored the greatest number of articling students in the history of the Hamilton Bar.

Agro Zaffiro LLP currently has over 25 lawyers who are proud to practice in Hamilton and to provide legal services in the Hamilton area and beyond.