We’re going home

On April 22nd, 2019, Agro Zaffiro moved back to the south-west corner of King & James where it was all started by John Agro back in 1952. Back from the war, John set up in the old Bank of Hamilton building on the south-west corner and practiced law there for 31 years … until 1983 … when that building was torn down to make room for the two CIBC towers that are there today.

It will be a fresh start for a new era. The set up on the 11th floor of the building at 21 King West allows us to re-position people so that those people who work together are close to each other and will allow for continued and enhanced collegiality amongst the firm.

In making this decision, we are re-affirming our belief that Agro Zaffiro LLP continues on a solid foundation, with good clients and good prospects for the future. 66 years … and still going strong.